Monday, July 31, 2006

Vacation Stash

There have been very few signs of spinning and knitting projects lately. Pictures of the vacation stash enhancement will have to do for now.

First off: Yarn from MacAusland's Woollen Mills on Prince Edward Island. This yarn was exceptionally priced and I grabbed a bunch. I also picked up a little book on Nova Scotian knitting patterns. My only regret here is that the actual mill was not open as it was Canada Day weekend.

Next are goodies from Baadeck Yarns, Nova Scotia. Some sock yarn, hand lotion and a lovely shawl kit from Fleece Artist's Sea Silk. This stuff really does smell a bit like the ocean. Not unpleasant at all...more like the whiff of a memory of a very nice vacation.

Yet more goodies from Gaspereau Valley Fibres, Nova Scotia. Knitters/spinners who live anywhere near Wolfville are very lucky. This is a charming shop in an old farm building. Some Fleece Artist roving (65% wool, 35% silk) and some acid dyes found their way into my basket here.

One of the hotels we stayed in had a nice gift shop. On the second floor, were many, many knitted and other handmade items. They were knitted by an obviously very talented lady named Wendy from Newfoundland. I must admit, I sat down and counted stitches so that I can reproduce the headband. I really, really wish I had had one of these when in Toronto last winter. I just love how neatly the ear flaps are knitted in.

Stuff from Lettuce Knits in Toronto: More sock yarn and some really lovely dyed silk hankies dropped into my backpack. The hand lotion mentioned above should come in handy to smooth out my hands for my first attempt at spinning 100% silk. My Mom fell in love with the silk (and she has never spun and doesn't knit anymore).

I spent the entire evening at Lettuce Knits. It was a Wednesday night so they were having their weekly SnB. Knitters are wonderful people who made me feel quite welcome to hang out with them. Not only that, but they know where to get one of the best burritos I've ever had from a little shop around the corner. Among these Knitters were Laurie (who dyed the silk), Denny and Amy Singer (from Knitty). There were many others, but I know I would forget some, so won't name anymore names.

As far as I'm concerned, not only is Canada a really great place to go on vacation, but it's a really good place to go on a yarn crawl, too!

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