Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend List (Again)

Well, let's see how well we did...

1. Forget about work: Mostly

2. Picnic: Perfect. There are no pictures as I was too busy gabbing, eating, knitting and spinning.

3. Laundry: Done. We got a new dryer about a month ago or so. However, I hadn't used it at all because I usually hang laundry outside to dry in the summer. I finally used it this weekend and am completely amazed. Not only is it huge (the drum looks twice as big as the old one), it has a light inside the drum (amuses me to no end), but it dried the towel load in less time than it took the next load to wash.

4. Weeds: It rained all day Saturday, so I'm off the hook!

5. Flaming: Done, like I mentioned, it is kind of fun and definitely satisfying to burn the weeds into oblivion! Probably not a good technique if you live in a fire danger zone, though. Since it rained today, most of the ash has been washed away, leaving a pretty good looking sidewalk (for a change).

6. Bunny Cages/Bathrooms: Well, nobody's perfect...maybe tonight.

7. Saturday Sky: Done

8. Public Market: Done, I came home with a whole carload of salad fixings, breads, cherries (sweet and sour) and blueberries. Some of the sour cherries have been made into Stephanie's suggested Sour Cherry Upside Down Cake. This is a keeper of a recipe...very good.
9. Vacuuming/Sweeping: Another grim task not done.

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Ellen said...

That is a great-looking cherry cake. Well worth "sacrificing" your vacuuming to do that!