Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's starting to get a bit breezy outside as what's left of Ike is passing through tonight and early tomorrow. We don't get much in the way of hurricanes as we're too far inland, usually just wind and rain. It did, however, get up to 97 F this afternoon. Definitely unusual for mid-September. Gypsy and Bubba were ready to melt, as were we. Neither one of us has had the chance to get a new winter cover for the pool, so we did have what is likely the last dip of the year. Very refreshing, as the the water has dipped down to 68 F.

Earlier this evening, I wandered out to my veggie garden. We were quite late getting plants in the ground this year, but we do have some truly frightening tomato plants that are taller than I am...they were pushing 6 feet, but kind of slumped over as they ran out of support. There really haven't been huge amounts of fruit, but I found this mighty speciman this evening. Pretty much as frightening as the plants!

In the spinning department, I finally finished spinning a pound of recycled denim cotton. Believe you me, a pound is a lot of cotton for someone who is very used to wool and other animal fibers (and is very much looking forward to getting back to them). I'm now plying it up into a fairly nice, 3-ply. You'll notice that I have a furry little helper.

Unusual stuff all around: weather, veggies and cotton.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gypsy Blogs (Again)

Gypsy here again. I guess Mommy thinks I big girl now and can blog more. I got to go for a ride in the car-car today. First place we stopped was the barn where Big-People-Sister goes (and she takes Sadie with her). Fun place. Lots of very good smells. All the kitties puff up really, really big when I say hello. There were even lots of those really big puppies with the long tails.

Then we all got in Mommy's car and went for another the beach!

My peoples even let me off leash in a public (kind of) place today. We were the only ones on the beach. Maybe that had something to do with the rain.

Daddy threw sticks for us and I got most of them. Sadie too chicken to go in wavy water. I big girl and went after them if not too far out. Is OK, if you wait, they come to you.

Hey your peoples take you to beach, too?

Diane here...yes, our family went to the beach, wandered about and had a picnic lunch...all in the rain. Even though it was more than a bit damp, involved two very wet, very happy dogs, it was definitely a pretty pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Summer's Winding Down

Gypsy here...Mommy be busy with fluffy stuff so I do blog.

This summer my big-people-sister brought homes a little blonde brat-dog. She kind of OK, but be really pushy. Now the kitties like me better. Really now, do you have to that just for belly-rubs?

It fun to play ball with big-people-sister, Daddy & Sadie. We be tough on balls, this is #6 so far. We makes them pop or I chews them up (them handles on jolly ball not last long at all).

Another good thing is that shortie can't get up on my new couch. My peoples got me new one that matches me really good!