Sunday, June 15, 2008

Exceptional Randomness

I'm going to blame my lack of blogging on backlash from our daughter's graduation, subsequent party (including frantic house & yard cleaning and, yes, it rained again), very hot weather, a birthday (mine...makes me feel old) and Father's Day. That's my excuse(s) and I'm sticking to it!

On to some randomness...a blimp. Does anyone else think that blimp is a really funny word?

And a bunny, that Bubba has just noticed. Both of them had been within sight of each other for quite some time, each looking in the opposite direction. That just doesn't demonstrate good predator/prey behavior, does it?

Gypsy has discovered a new hiding place. May I present tree-dog? (Please excuse the window glare.)

Throughout it all, I've actually gotten quite a bit of spinning and knitting in. There are even finished objects, but I can save those for another entry.

And, finally, I can say that a lantern just doesn't give off enough light to do the beaded picot bind-off on Knitty's Ice Queen. Knitting has resumed now that the power is back on.