Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've mentioned it before, but there's just something about Tuesdays. I've never been fond of the day; for me, it often seems like the most awkward (and sometimes crappy) stuff happens on Tuesday. Today was no exception.

To start, DD wanted company to go downtown to observe a court trial for one of her classes. No problem. We get there, find a spot to park in the garage (dark, dreary place that is), go through security, only to find that there are no active trials at this time. I guess we're going to try again Thursday.

Later in the day, I went out again. I ran some errands and they all went smoothly. I should have known something was up. The last item on the agenda was an interview for a long-term contract position that I actually know how to do all but one item on their job description (and that was not a big item). I feel like I blew the entire interview. It appears that I lost my mind somewhere on the way there. DH says it sounded like I really did pretty well when I explained all the parts of the interview and the test they gave me, but I still feel like I blew it. Sigh.

After dinner, I enjoyed lovely cup of coffee. Maybe it should say "No Workee, No Coffee"?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's to everyone. OK, I'm a day late, but why not celebrate for the whole weekend? I figure it's a pretty good weekend that involves corned beef, cabbage, spinning and planning future projects. The weather, however, was definitely not of the Irish variety. Classic March for around here, though: about 8 inches of snow. I really felt sorry for those participating in the parade downtown. Today at least looks nicer outside, but there's a wicked cold wind blowing. Earlier in the month , I made this pair of Fetching mitts from Knitty, assuming that the weather wasn't going to be particularly springlike for awhile. At least they're green.

While reviewing Meg Swansen's Knitting for a potential pattern for Jane, I rediscovered the Mimbres Vest. This is a pattern that I just love the looks of, but hadn't decided on the yarn yet. Last year sometime, I spun this lovely blend from Nistock Farms. Robin's fiber is always nice; I regard her as a "can't go wrong" supplier. Now I just need to go stash diving to find a good white to go along, spin it and then start knitting.

Bubba has decided that it was a good day to pose nicely in the window. Gypsy has gone snow-plowing again. I finally saw what she does to get this snowy. It appears that she hears something under the snow that she wants, shoves her nose into the ground and just plows ahead. This also explains how she often comes in with a scraped up nose, too. Silly dog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Few Signs of Spring

I wouldn't consider it full Spring yet; I do know better, but there are a few signs.

There is much snow melt, signifying the beginning of the spring mud season. Considering the amount of rain we had before the ground froze, it's probably going to be an exceptionally muddy one. My only job prospect starts tomorrow. It is a temporary job estimating for a lawn care company. From the looks of my yard, I'd better invest in something knee-high and waterproof!

These geese were one of many flocks flying past. They all seem to be heading in a westerly direction and I'm not at all sure what that means...neutral weather?

There are a few sprouts of crocuses (or is that crocii?), some chives and my favorite, daffodils. Why are daffodils my favorite? Well, no matter what the Mother Nature throws at them, they multiply and bloom for me, year after year, and nothing eats them. These little green sprouts may not be much to look at, but the first ones are just so welcome to see!
In my wandering around today enjoying the balmy day, I found this stray flower. I have no idea what it is; I didn't plant it on purpose; it must have hitched a ride with a clump of day lilies.

Since it was so nice out today, I did what any northerner would do...hang out the quilts and blankets to air out. Not only that, but I washed and dried the sheets outside, too. Now there's a smell that just can't be bottled...line-dried sheets!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Enough Already

Yep, it's officially that time of year. The time of year when most everybody is sick of winter. It's been wet, snowy, icy, windy, cold in what seems like a never-ending cycle.

Job hunting is kind of like a never-ending winter: searching ads, filling out applications, strewing resumes around like confetti. You rarely ever get a response from anyone.

When you do, sometimes it's worse than no response. One company called me in an all-fired hurry to set up an interview, only to call back an hour later...oh, well, I guess you're not as qualified we thought, never mind. Thanks, that really did a lot for my confidence. At another, I had two interviews, cleared the drug, background and physical tests, then get told that the job is on hold. Couldn't you have told me that earlier in the process?

Like this wind-blown cardinal, I sure hope that the seasons are finally changing and that my luck will change with them.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Sign of Spring

Well, it snowed again today, there's supposed to be record cold tonight, but there are signs of spring: Spring Knitty!

I think I must make Tahoe, yet another great pattern to add to my growing list. Thanks, Amy.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

DeFeet of Cuteness

There are lots of somewhat discouraging things that I could post about tonight, but I'm not going to. I'm beginning to think that there may be something to this whole Mercury in retrograde thing.

What am I going to post about? How about "DeFeet of Cuteness"; a wonderful subject suggested by La of JenLa. There are lots of mighty cute feet around here, the largest of the 4-legged variety belong to Gypsy:

They are really big feet, with or without snow!

Other feet include Trouble's...sometimes decorously crossed in front of her and sometimes just begging to be tickled!

Bubba seems to have forgotten to tuck his little foot in. Although between the size of him and the size of the box, you'd think there would be more hanging out than just one little foot!