Monday, February 02, 2009

Nibbled by Guppies

My Mom has a saying that includes "getting nibbled to death by guppies".  That pretty much covers the last few months.  For some reason, I was absolutely exhausted for November & December.  I'm chalking it up to the "change" and am doing much better.  So much so that I've signed up for an aerobics class (free).  

Winter is always kind of a drag, and this one is an old-fashioned endurance event so far.  The weather folk tell us that it has snowed 28 of 31 days in January.  December was not any better.  Gypsy is sure that there is life under the snow and she is determined to find it!

As a reminder, do back up your computers regularly.  I was slapped upside the head with the main reason why we should do that a week ago...the hard drive died and nothing could be recovered.  The good news out of all that?  It was under warranty (extended) and I have a one-button back-up system now.  I was also happy to find that, since I am prone to not erasing cards until I have to, I have many of the pictures taken over the last few years.

Getting back to that totally tired thing the end of last  year...I totally forgot about getting my car inspected.  Let's just say that the very nice State Trooper let me know that he would give me a ticket for that.  Could've been worse as he really could have handed me a ticket for not being as close to the speed limit as I should have been.  I have an appointment on Thursday to get that oversight taken care of.  The ticket I can do online as soon as it's been uploaded.

Throughout it all, I have gotten back to spinning and knitting.  One project was to finish up a blanket for a friend in exchange for some fiber.  The cats, of course, just loved that project.  Thank goodness it was big enough to accommodate both Bubba and knitting on it at the same time.  The pattern was such that it was perfect for retraining my left hand to carry the yarn while purling.  I could knit continental style, but always had trouble purling.  I think I've got it now.  Since that was a big project, I'm concentrating on some smaller ones for now.

There have, of course, been many other little guppies, but no need to bore y'all with them.  They have been dealt with as they swam by and I'm pretty sure that I see the end of that school of fishies!