Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End-of-the-Month Stuff

It's that time of month, again, to pay the bills. It is made much easier to bear when you get to sit out on the patio. I've decided that I do like the new paint job on the table. The chairs are exactly what I like in a patio chair...reasonably light weight, nice looking and they fold.

We seem to be in a bit of a hot spell. We don't do that humidex thing that my friends to the north do. It is expected to range from 90-95 F each day this week (32-35 C) and is quite sticky. Very good weather for pool dipping. I'm thinking that later this week, we might just pack a picnic dinner and go up to Lake Ontario with Gypsy to see how she feels about a really big pool.

The FOs previously mentioned got to their destination: Lene's Mor. You'll need a hint for these, they are toe warmers, meant to go over the end of her casts. Of course, silliness soon invaded this project, resulting in pointy elf toes with bells. I can't believe I actually got DH to model one of them!

A few weeks ago, our electric went out for quite a few hours one Saturday. Obviously, the front porch, knitting, was the place to be. I often look about when knitting and decided the view, through the bushes, of the lavendar was a doable picture. If you look close, you might even find some bumblebees getting some lunch.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Thursday (almost)

Like many others in our blog world, time just keeps slipping away on me lately. I've been busy, but with nothing of much note, so it's definitely time for a random posting.

Bubba, our blog spokes-kitty, has definitely recovered from his injury. It is truly amazing how quickly he has learned to accommodate 3 legs. He jumps down easily, jumps up to about 3 feet easily and actually runs pretty fast. Interesting item...his skin is actually striped (as he is) and where the incision was is growing in quite a bit darker; it looks like someone took a marker and drew on him. In tempting him with goodies, like this one (the flavor name cracks me up), I have created a monster. Bubba must have his "delights" every day!

There has been knitting, a bit here, a bit there. There are two single socks (from separate pairs), a partially finished purse/tote (needs handles and a lining) and a few others that we don't need to mention. The only project that I've actually finished lately is a project for Lene's Mor. There are pictures, but you'll just have to wait until the package gets there. Lene, a smallish box has been shipped, Priority Mail, a week ago, so she should get it shortly (depends on customs).

I'm still very happy with our garage project. It is done, and I'm getting much satisfaction from having it all tidied up, cleaned up and freshly painted. It is so much brighter and I know that I will appreciate that come winter. As many of you know, garages collect many items that probably should have gone in the trash right away. I guess some things just have to get some age on them before they move on!

Up until last week, it has rained very, very little around here. Remember Erma Bombeck's The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank? Not true. It burns out there first; it is, however, quite green over the leach field (the only green spot in our entire lawn). I was reminded recently of how to get it to rain...hang your laundry outside and leave your hubby in charge. Works every time (or at least the last couple of weeks)!

DD continues to show this year, games and Western. I think she looks really, really good and is gaining more confidence with every show.

Many others have shown off our boo-boos lately, like Scout. I think we're just trying to distract everyone from our lack of progress.

You would think we "grown-ups" would know better by now? Apparently not. Here is the number one reason why one should wear at least sneakers around the horses. The good news? It's all show...never did hurt to speak of.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Projects

Early summer brings many high hopes of gardens, outside projects, and, hopefully, much time to knit smallish projects. This year is no exception in that I have many, many projects that want doing.

We started out the growing season literally under water (or at least part of the back yard was). Since then, we've had so little rain that the ground is literally like concrete. Even the well-established perennials are looking a little sorry. Luckily, I can lower my standards pretty quickly so I am only pulling large, ugly weeds. As far as green, growing things, the only things that really need regular watering are the peppers, tomatoes and a couple of pots on the patio.

The large summer project was getting the garage organized. I'm happy to say that it is done. All walls are painted, have pegboard installed, the floor is painted, everything has been sorted, put away and our vehicles are back in the garage. The only item that needs doing is to paint the people door. My arm/hand needs a break from painting, so it can wait a week or so.

We've been looking for a couple of years for outside chairs as our old ones were getting a bit ratty-looking. After awhile, the darn things just will not clean up properly. DH finally found some folding chairs, which we wanted badly (much easier to store in winter). They're a nice brown fabric type. However, this meant that the picnic table was now the wrong color (it was blue) and so was the umbrella (it was kind of gray & blue). More paint to the rescue...the table has been painted and the top "fauxed". The umbrella even got a few coats of paint.

I'm still so angry that I could put the responsible someone's leg in a trap just so they know what they do. I really don't object to people hunting and fishing if they do so responsibly. I do, however, really object to trapping. Our blog "spokes kitty", Bubba, had a run-in with a trap recently. He has recovered nicely, although is now short a back leg. It's a really quite amazing how quickly he has adapted. I will refrain from taking pictures until his fur has grown back a bit more. I really do try to respect our critters dignity, although it is mighty hard some days!

The show season is fully underway. DD rode in her first equitation/pleasure show last month and did quite well. It was also Sugar's first show. She placed 5th in two classes.

She continues to barrel race and pole bend. The evening I took this picture, it was quite warm and humid. Nobody was moving that quickly!

As far as knitting and spinning goes, there has been little progress on much of anything. Some progress, just not much. I've spun a bit more white superwash for a future project. I've knitted a bit on the latest traveling sock (almost to the toe on the first one), turned the heel on the reticulated socks and plug away at knitting a tote bag.

Since it appears that we're just not going to get much rain this year, which cuts way down on gardening chores, it's looking like there will be more knitting time available. I should start making some real progress on all those started projects...

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Last Friday, many of us snorted coffee and got much glee out of Stephanie's recent go-round with her local squirrels, including me. In her defense, I have noticed that the squirrels in Toronto are really quite bold.

When I got home Friday night, I settled down to read the paper and found this cartoon:

Coincidence? I think not.