Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End-of-the-Month Stuff

It's that time of month, again, to pay the bills. It is made much easier to bear when you get to sit out on the patio. I've decided that I do like the new paint job on the table. The chairs are exactly what I like in a patio chair...reasonably light weight, nice looking and they fold.

We seem to be in a bit of a hot spell. We don't do that humidex thing that my friends to the north do. It is expected to range from 90-95 F each day this week (32-35 C) and is quite sticky. Very good weather for pool dipping. I'm thinking that later this week, we might just pack a picnic dinner and go up to Lake Ontario with Gypsy to see how she feels about a really big pool.

The FOs previously mentioned got to their destination: Lene's Mor. You'll need a hint for these, they are toe warmers, meant to go over the end of her casts. Of course, silliness soon invaded this project, resulting in pointy elf toes with bells. I can't believe I actually got DH to model one of them!

A few weeks ago, our electric went out for quite a few hours one Saturday. Obviously, the front porch, knitting, was the place to be. I often look about when knitting and decided the view, through the bushes, of the lavendar was a doable picture. If you look close, you might even find some bumblebees getting some lunch.

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Anonymous said...

An off-topic item responding to your comment to Lene: Flanders & Swann did "The Reluctant Cannibal" in "At the Drop of a Hat". Great song!

--blogless Nancy in NH