Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Wednesday

We are back into a hot weather pattern again. Good for pool dipping, not so good if you think you're going to get some weeds yanked out of the ground (they just break off). I'd really like to know why everything, except the weeds, stops growing? At least it's been raining a bit, good for growing things; however, those showers do add to the humidity level.

This pic's a bit hazy (taken through a window screen and above mentioned humidity). These two babies were out romping about in the front yard this morning. Much better than last night's hidden (but the nose knows) visitor. The house, again, smells much like skunk. Sigh.

Last Sunday's outside project was truck landscaping. What is truck landscaping, you ask? It's great fun. You wrap a chain around the base of the offending shrubbery/small tree, attach it to the hitch of the truck, and drive off (slowly). Generally, the flora either gets yanked out completely or breaks off below ground level. No shovels, not much effort and no large excavations (or even holes to speak of). Trust me: It. Never. Gets. Old.

I've starting second socks for both pair that I started knitting on a few months ago, turning the heel on one and still on the leg on the other. The tote I was working on decided that it's a purse, funny how projects evolve.

I made a dash for the fabric store the other night and got both brass & nickel grommets for the purse. Tonight, I had the lining sewn in, the strap almost done (just need a final length check), had decided on brass and was ready to hammer. However, I discovered that I needed a larger punch to install those grommets. I guess that means another trip, just not tonight, I'm not in the mood.

It seemed to me that I might be running a bit close on the solid color for the reticulated socks, so I went to see if KnitPicks still carried that color. They do, definitely a different dye lot, but if I need it, I'll be prepared. Of course, while finding that yarn, other stuff fell into my "Stash" (truly inspired name for their shopping cart). Things like some Peruvian Highlands Wool and 2 books (Selbuvotter and Felt It!), because, after all, one has to take advantage of free shipping, doesn't one?

The fabulous news for this week? One of my spinning and knitting friends got the news that she is now lymphoma-free! How did we celebrate? With dinner, ice cream and spinning, of course.

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