Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there who qualify!  

I took Mom some lilacs earlier today.  Lilacs are really big around here and the Lilac Festival is in full swing in the city.

I also made her up another tea cozy.  According to Tea Cozies, "A naked teapot will never do!"  This book is just full of patterns that will make you laugh out loud.  There's probably going to be more of them coming off the needles, they're just that fun to do up.

There has been some time spent with the spinning wheel(s), too.  I finished the latest batch of samples, washed and labeled them. Old dogs can be taught new tricks...labeling your skeins with what they are and when you spun them really does make life much easier when it comes time to actually use them in a project.  

Our spinning guild, Genesee Valley Handspinner's Guild, had a 2-part program the last few months:  making our own chair pads from The Shepherd's Rug.  I finally finished mine up tonight.  I was unable to be there for the how to braid workshop, so my braids were a bit on the small side after felting.  The plus side of that is that I had lots and lots of braid, so I made two chair pads, then sewed them together around the edge.  When I got done, it occurred to me that I had just made a high-end sit-upon.  Those of you who were girl scouts will remember making those.

Last night, I couldn't resist taking this picture.  As you can see, it was excitement plus around here; from the left are Bubba, Gypsy and Smokey.  Not pictured are the napping elsewhere Trouble and Sadie.