Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One guppy got a lot bigger!

In many areas, things are working out pretty good.  Some are fun, some not so much. 

A bit ago, we had quite the thaw, followed by some pretty chilly nights.  This gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of ice stuck to the landscape at a level much higher than the current level of the water.  I don't know why, but I always think that's kind of neat.  The geese?  I suspect that they are local birds, or at least ones that don't go far from the area.  Earlier this week, I saw some really, really big flocks of geese heading north, so that's a pretty good sign of spring to come.

Not so much includes paying the bills, getting those medical appointments that you need done (and don't want to do) scheduled and gone to, filing income taxes, cleaning, etc.  

The really big guppy?  Well, I got let go from my job a few weeks ago.  Quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  Not sure which is worse, knowing beforehand that you're on the block or no warning at all.  I spend the mornings job hunting:  searching postings and following up on previous applications.  No responses as yet.  I may need to rethink the kinds of jobs that I am applying for and also get signed up with a few temp. agencies. 

Fun stuff includes learning to weave, stash diving for spinning fiber, and knitting.  My hubby found the loom last year and it came home with us.  I had a friend go over it and she let me know what I needed to start weaving and strongly suggested that I take a class.  I listened up and started the class a few weeks ago.  Hubby made me a few weaving tools and some shuttles, so I can practice at home, too.  

I've found that spending a fair amount of time with 
fiber is helping me cope.  I think that it has something to do with knowing that I can do something well and actually doing it, rather than beating myself up over things that I have no control over.   I figure it's way cheaper than therapy!