Saturday, December 04, 2010

Be-Weave It

 OK, so I stole the title from Handwoven's e-newsletter.  Anyway, I've been weaving and knitting.  Much delayed projects that assorted activities conspired together to eat up time that I should have spent at the loom.

The blue and white runner is almost 60 inches long with plain fringe.  The green and gold runner is 48 inches long with twisted/knotted fringe.  Both are commissioned pieces.  How 'bout that?  Who would have thought that someone would order handmade stuff from me?

 She also bought the green scarf that was done earlier this year.  Love it and am glad that I have more yarn to make more of them.

 I've also been knitting many mittens to be felted:  3 down, 2 to go.  One pair was supposed to be for an adult, but felted a bit on the small side, so I'll just knit them again using the next size up.  Good thing there are children next door!  No pics of them yet as none of them have cuffs, not the best look for a mitten.

I've also got a few more projects to knit for Christmas presents.  Not entirely sure they will all get done, but we'll see.

I have all the decorating to do, but that actually goes pretty quickly.  A fair amount of shopping is done; need to do some online and then a few stocking stuffers.  Not bad for the first week in about you?