Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Aftermath

We have survived another yet another Christmas. All the cookies that were going to be baked, were. The roast beast came out just perfect (thanks to Paula Deen). Presents even got wrapped. Bubba is quite ready to help unwrap.

We have even done the mad dash for the sale gift wrap/tags/bows event for this year. Every few years, we do this to pad out the selection for the following year. I think we're good for 2, 3, maybe even 4 years. In our defense, we did get some storage boxes as it is, once again, time to review the stash (fiber & yarn). I had a few accidents at yarn/fiber shop closing sales. I know, it's sad that they are closing, but at least I'll have some memories.

The kitties are fond of their new toy: a cardboard lounger that can be sprinkled with catnip (thanks for the tip, Crazy Aunt Purl). Both cats are furry little junkies when it comes to the 'nip. Trouble is not sharing. Yes, there have been cat-spats over ownership.

All knitting was finished when it needed to be. These are mittens for the small neighbors. They didn't need to be done before Christmas. I knitted up a pair of fingerless mitts for Mom (I did get the hint!), but the card that was in the camera at the time appears to have gone south. Oh well, it happens to us all. Luckily, I had just transferred pics to the computer, so I think that may be the only one that I don't have.

The kitties were extremely helpful when it came to decorating. This is Trouble trying to be subtle about snatching a bow. Her brother, Bubba, had previously decided that there were some issues on ornament placement and removed two (but only two) ornaments off the tree. I guess they were in his way.

You know how, every Christmas, there's that one present that's a hit? Well, this year, my aunt gave DH a small flashlight/laser pointer. The cats go crazy chasing the pointer light (yes, we're quite careful about their eyes). Even the dog will chase the foolish thing. See the little red spot? The cats have been known to get brave enough to pounce on the dog to get at the light.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm Back...

Time just flies by when you're having fun, doesn't it? Earlier this month, I took a civil service exam for my new job and I'm pretty sure that I did well. All that studying sure took a big chunk of time away from blogging, knitting and spinning. I feel like I can settle in more permanently at work now.

Uncharacteristically, I chose to limit the holiday knitting and baking, so I've actually been successful on both fronts. Gifts for one SIL/BIL have already been knitted and shipped. A hat for a grab bag gift for my spinning group is done, a pair of mitts for my other SIL is done and a scarf for my aunt is also done. Not only done, but wrapped, packed and ready to be dropped off at the Post Office in the morning.

This year, I decided to make apple pies for the "friends & neighbor gifts". Sounds daunting, but in my youth, 4-H used to sponsor an apple pie contest which required participants to be able to make a pie in 30 minutes or less. Believe you me, all that practice has finally paid off. Last Sunday, 9 pies were created & baked in an afternoon. I have a few more to do, but I ran out of apples.

Only one batch of cookies have been made (and some stashed for munching on Christmas), but there is likely to be much time available for that sort of thing this weekend. The weather folk are saying that we are in for it...16 to 20 inches of snow on Sunday with high winds to go with.

Luckily, the previously mentioned blizzard isn't supposed to start until Saturday night. Our spinning guild is having our annual fiber gift exchange tomorrow and that is something I don't want to miss! My contribution is wool (out of the stash, maybe merino), dyed in Christmas colors and just a bit of glitz.

Speaking of stash...getting at that white wool created involved a bit of stash tossing. I'm actually kind of impressed that I can get all that into one closet. OK, so there's a bit of a heap in the corner of the dining room, but I can deal with that after the holidays, right?