Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

How 'bout that...managed to get through another year.  For the most part, this last year of kind of benign, but, to be honest, there was lots of not-good stuff over the last decade.  Enough of the past, except to show that I actually get some stuff done around here.

Mittens were knitted (and even mailed) in time for Christmas.

These are socks for Mom.  EZ's moccasin socks...look wonky, fit great and are fun to knit.

There are a bunch of mittens still to be finished (none for the holidays).  3 pair of felted mittens (1 grown up, 2 kids), all in some stage of doneness.  My plan is to get these done before starting anything else.

I have lots of plans and ideas for projects for 2011.  I think my resolution ought to be to try and be more productive!