Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Foot at the Beach

This last weekend was pretty darn good. My local spinning/knitting group had a potluck up at Hamlin Beach State Park. It's late enough in the year, that they no longer charge an entrance fee. The lodges are really nice, too; they are made almost completely of cut stone. The one we had had two fireplaces at each end, so we were quite comfortable as the day got colder.

Gypsy loves this park. I'm really not sure what she likes most...sand, water, waves, seagulls, geese, leaves and just plain wandering about.

Just in time for colder weather to set in, I finished the mittens for the kids next door. I'm thinking that the snowmen may be a bit too large, but then I took the tracing of his hands back in July, so they may not be as big as I think.

Meg surprised me by creating this fabulous centerpiece for the table. I think she did a terrific job and I sure hope that I can get her to do it again for other holidays/seasons!