Monday, March 15, 2010

The Finish Line!

There have been a number of projects around here, but I'm happy to say that I can cross a whole bunch off my list.

  • Finish painting the hallway, laundry area and bathroom:  Done
  • Wash & mend Sugar's blankets (DD's horse):  Done
  • Reinforce seams on Mom's PJ's:  Done
  • Scrape finish off 8 drawer oak file cabinet (1st step to repair/refinish by Hubby):  Done
  • Traveling socks from last year:  Done (SSS had set in, but I was really getting tired of the same old carry-around project.)
  • 2 scarves planned, woven, off the loom and look like what I intended:  Done

and, last, but not least,

  • Skew Socks for Knitting Olympics:  Done (A week late, but still done.)

In my defense, may I offer the following:

  • Painting:  Something else always seemed to get a higher priority.  By the way, if you paint inside in the winter, the paint dries so quickly that you can immediately start on the second coat...went much faster.  I can't tell you how pleased I am to be done.
  • Mending horse blankets:  Must wash first and it takes days for them to dry this time of year.  They have to dry outside as I really don't want the house smelling like a barn.  It's a good smell; it just has it's place.  There's already another to do...horses sure are tough on their wardrobe!
  • Scraping finish:  It's a dirty job and the basement is kind of cold, so it tends to get towards the bottom of the list.  Good thing is that there have been a few nice days so I've moved outside, weather permitting.
  • Weaving:  A highly addictive activity
  • Second Sock Syndrome:  I have developed a nasty case of it.  The traveling socks have been languishing in my purse since last summer, getting a couple of rows done at a time.  The Skew Socks for the Knitting Olympics fell prey to SSS and over-confidence...I have a week to knit one problem!
  • Wii:   DD wanted me to go along on a couple of excursions that I couldn't really knit during (it was dark).  She was after a Wii console, which turns out to be a bit more difficult to obtain than one would think.  She was also do you say no to "Play with me, Mommy!" (even if she is 24)?
  • Late winter snowstorm consisting of heavy, heavy wet snow.  Broke down and shoveled path up the stairs for our Gypsy.  Even after all the rain over the last few days, there are still remnants of snow.  And now it is mud season.  Gypsy really doesn't like playing "dunk the foot in bucket until clean".  

In addition, I answered an ad on craigslist for some pencil roving.  I love this stuff to knit with as the garments are just as light as a feather.  When I got there, I found that there was 6-1/2 pounds of the stuff in three colors (white, light gray, dark gray).  He also had a set of hand cards, a metal clamp-on Nilus LeClerc Swift and a ball winder.  Yep, all of it went into the truck.  Looks like a pretty good reward to me!