Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Sky

Gypsy here...Mommy left the 'puter where I can reach.

Me likes to play in the dark. There be lots of good smells and sounds at night.

Sometimes my people burn stuff. They call it cleaning up. I don't get it.

This time they had treats. Those I get.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

2007 Finger Lakes Fiber Fest

Last weekend was our 13th Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. Saturday was a classic fall day: blustery, cold, windy and rainy at times. We were all quite happy to see the sun come up in a clear, blue sky on Sunday.

As usual, it was fun, terrific shopping and more hectic than usual as it was the first year that I coordinated the Skein & Garment Competition. Of course, I was a bad blogger and forgot all about taking a picture of the display.

I did, however, remember that I had a camera and took pictures of a few other things. The world's largest sock came to visit. That's me in the middle. I had heard of this project from Jane at Quiddity. It's getting larger and I am wondering quite how they're going to manage turning the heel.

I didn't take any pictures of prepared fiber, but opted out for the original packaging. This is one of my friend's Shetland sheep taken Sunday afternoon. I believe that sheep has had enough of camping and wants to go home.

Alpacas are just plain adorable. The one on the right must of had a bit of an itchy spot (not to mention a bumper sticker).

The llama at the top was quite sure that none of us were to be trusted and should all be watched very carefully! He's probably right.

Of course, what festival is complete without at least a little junk food? Funnel cake and Diet Coke (it evens out).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival

The waiting is over! This weekend, September 15-16, is our annual Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival.

If it's not too cold at night, I'll be staying the whole weekend.

Do come out and play!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy Gypsy

Mommy in shower, so me took 'puter. Daddy ride big toy and it fun. Me play in dirt, help dig, watch Daddy, sniff smells, dig more, bite rocks, kiss Daddy, sniff more, play more, dig more, watch more...

Me happy.

Sleepy girl. Go bed now.

PS: Bear, wish you could come play with us!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Reality Shows

Quite some time ago, Lene asked me if I watched any of the reality shows that are cropping up all over TV. I said that I didn't and really had no interest in them, either.

However, as time goes by, I have changed my mind, a bit, and do watch a few of them. Here are my most-often watched:

Design Star on HGTV: I rather like a show that insists on some kind of talent that the competitor's have skill in. This season's show had an assortment of interesting characters, all of which were talented designers. They're down to selecting the winner this coming Sunday evening.

Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel: What's not to love about this one? These guys are modern day cowboys (and probably certifiably nuts). Every winter, when the ice gets thick enough north of Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada), a road is built across numerous frozen lakes to move cargo/supplies to isolated mines. This one's all over for the season except for the reruns.

And last, but not least, Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge on CMT: I really, really like rodeo. One of my favorite things to do is to watch rodeo (in person, upwind to stay out of the dust). There is no "probably nuts" about these guys, they are definitely insane. They have collected an assortment of celebrities who learn to ride a bull. Friday night is the last show. Sigh.

Honorable mention actually goes to Dallas Cheerleaders, Making the Team, also on CMT. I really don't know why I get sucked into this one. I never had any interest in cheerleading and was definitely not part of the sports-inclined group in high school or college. I find the first few episodes the most entertaining to watch as they weed out individuals who really had no business auditioning to begin with. They do keep my interest as an effort is made every week to explain how selections are made.

Pretty odd selection, isn't it?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gypsy Blogs

Hi! Mommy been really busy with that fiber stuff, so I take over today. Don't know why she like it, it not interesting after she wash it.

My peoples took me for hair cut. Good, too hot for me 'round here. Too hot to chase kitties, even. I made me a hole and pretended to guard. Me likes this tree, too.

Oops, I've got to make sure the laptop is out of reach, I guess. Gypsy's not kidding, it's been really hot, like 95F hot. I like summer quite a bit, but that kind of hot tires a body out. My new job is just great so far; however, there is no AC in most areas of the schools.

Fiber news? Well, we got all the entries for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival Skein & Garment Competition all organized and judged last night. Trouble (the cat) was not judged; however she did supervise. Many thanks to our judge Freda and my helpers Erica, Kris and Cheryl!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Today was Labor Day here in the US. My daughter and I did what many people do: not a darn thing productive. We did go do a bit of shopping (which is what many others do school shopping). To recognize Labor Day, I have the following:

I finished (mostly) my last, long abandoned project. There was much labor involved, or at least much plain stockinette. I had thought that the nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting was pretty neat. I still think so. However, the yarn I chose to substitute was not a good choice. As soon as it was cast off, the thing grew to ginormous proportions around. It will be ripped out. Perhaps the yarn would make a good tank or shell. We'll decide later on that.

This is my car. I took it on a date Friday afternoon. I took it through the car wash, then had them do the windows, vacuum, shampoo the carpet and seats and polish up all the vinyl bits. It looks fantastic. Why should I do all this? Well, it was to celebrate making the very last payment: it's mine, mine, all mine!

The best news is that I have a brand-new job. I start tomorrow as a Computer Support Assistant at the local school district. Hopefully, I haven't forgotten everything over the last year of job hunting and can actually address issues as they come up. There isn't much time to "warm-up" as the school year starts Wednesday. I'm looking forward to doing this kind of work again, having an 8-minute commute and health insurance.

Shamless Plug: Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival is approaching quickly...Sept. 15-16 in Hemlock, NY. Great fun, inexpensive to get in, fabulous vendors and we want you to join us!