Thursday, September 20, 2007

2007 Finger Lakes Fiber Fest

Last weekend was our 13th Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. Saturday was a classic fall day: blustery, cold, windy and rainy at times. We were all quite happy to see the sun come up in a clear, blue sky on Sunday.

As usual, it was fun, terrific shopping and more hectic than usual as it was the first year that I coordinated the Skein & Garment Competition. Of course, I was a bad blogger and forgot all about taking a picture of the display.

I did, however, remember that I had a camera and took pictures of a few other things. The world's largest sock came to visit. That's me in the middle. I had heard of this project from Jane at Quiddity. It's getting larger and I am wondering quite how they're going to manage turning the heel.

I didn't take any pictures of prepared fiber, but opted out for the original packaging. This is one of my friend's Shetland sheep taken Sunday afternoon. I believe that sheep has had enough of camping and wants to go home.

Alpacas are just plain adorable. The one on the right must of had a bit of an itchy spot (not to mention a bumper sticker).

The llama at the top was quite sure that none of us were to be trusted and should all be watched very carefully! He's probably right.

Of course, what festival is complete without at least a little junk food? Funnel cake and Diet Coke (it evens out).

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