Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Today was Labor Day here in the US. My daughter and I did what many people do: not a darn thing productive. We did go do a bit of shopping (which is what many others do school shopping). To recognize Labor Day, I have the following:

I finished (mostly) my last, long abandoned project. There was much labor involved, or at least much plain stockinette. I had thought that the nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting was pretty neat. I still think so. However, the yarn I chose to substitute was not a good choice. As soon as it was cast off, the thing grew to ginormous proportions around. It will be ripped out. Perhaps the yarn would make a good tank or shell. We'll decide later on that.

This is my car. I took it on a date Friday afternoon. I took it through the car wash, then had them do the windows, vacuum, shampoo the carpet and seats and polish up all the vinyl bits. It looks fantastic. Why should I do all this? Well, it was to celebrate making the very last payment: it's mine, mine, all mine!

The best news is that I have a brand-new job. I start tomorrow as a Computer Support Assistant at the local school district. Hopefully, I haven't forgotten everything over the last year of job hunting and can actually address issues as they come up. There isn't much time to "warm-up" as the school year starts Wednesday. I'm looking forward to doing this kind of work again, having an 8-minute commute and health insurance.

Shamless Plug: Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival is approaching quickly...Sept. 15-16 in Hemlock, NY. Great fun, inexpensive to get in, fabulous vendors and we want you to join us!


Jane said...

Congratulations on your new job! I hope it's lots of fun.

Lene Andersen said...

Congratulations on the new job! How very exciting - I'm so happy for you.

p.s. I looove PTCruisers. they're so... so... I have no words. And I love the colour.