Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gypsy Blogs

Hi! Mommy been really busy with that fiber stuff, so I take over today. Don't know why she like it, it not interesting after she wash it.

My peoples took me for hair cut. Good, too hot for me 'round here. Too hot to chase kitties, even. I made me a hole and pretended to guard. Me likes this tree, too.

Oops, I've got to make sure the laptop is out of reach, I guess. Gypsy's not kidding, it's been really hot, like 95F hot. I like summer quite a bit, but that kind of hot tires a body out. My new job is just great so far; however, there is no AC in most areas of the schools.

Fiber news? Well, we got all the entries for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival Skein & Garment Competition all organized and judged last night. Trouble (the cat) was not judged; however she did supervise. Many thanks to our judge Freda and my helpers Erica, Kris and Cheryl!

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