Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Few Signs of Spring

I wouldn't consider it full Spring yet; I do know better, but there are a few signs.

There is much snow melt, signifying the beginning of the spring mud season. Considering the amount of rain we had before the ground froze, it's probably going to be an exceptionally muddy one. My only job prospect starts tomorrow. It is a temporary job estimating for a lawn care company. From the looks of my yard, I'd better invest in something knee-high and waterproof!

These geese were one of many flocks flying past. They all seem to be heading in a westerly direction and I'm not at all sure what that means...neutral weather?

There are a few sprouts of crocuses (or is that crocii?), some chives and my favorite, daffodils. Why are daffodils my favorite? Well, no matter what the Mother Nature throws at them, they multiply and bloom for me, year after year, and nothing eats them. These little green sprouts may not be much to look at, but the first ones are just so welcome to see!
In my wandering around today enjoying the balmy day, I found this stray flower. I have no idea what it is; I didn't plant it on purpose; it must have hitched a ride with a clump of day lilies.

Since it was so nice out today, I did what any northerner would do...hang out the quilts and blankets to air out. Not only that, but I washed and dried the sheets outside, too. Now there's a smell that just can't be bottled...line-dried sheets!

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