Thursday, March 01, 2007

DeFeet of Cuteness

There are lots of somewhat discouraging things that I could post about tonight, but I'm not going to. I'm beginning to think that there may be something to this whole Mercury in retrograde thing.

What am I going to post about? How about "DeFeet of Cuteness"; a wonderful subject suggested by La of JenLa. There are lots of mighty cute feet around here, the largest of the 4-legged variety belong to Gypsy:

They are really big feet, with or without snow!

Other feet include Trouble's...sometimes decorously crossed in front of her and sometimes just begging to be tickled!

Bubba seems to have forgotten to tuck his little foot in. Although between the size of him and the size of the box, you'd think there would be more hanging out than just one little foot!


La said...

LOVE all of these, but especially the snow-clumped one!

Sassy loves boxes too, and how dainty is that Bubba paw?

Deb said...

Bear's feet look like all 4 of Gypsy's would fit on it!!!! And when Bear gets his toes all packed with snow, he patiently waits, with his toes turned up, for someone to come and dig them out!!!(Hey-- we aren't "owners"- we're "staff"!!!!!)But you knew that about the animals, right?

Ellen said...

Your animals are darling. Absolutely darling.

Thank you for the paw photos!