Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's to everyone. OK, I'm a day late, but why not celebrate for the whole weekend? I figure it's a pretty good weekend that involves corned beef, cabbage, spinning and planning future projects. The weather, however, was definitely not of the Irish variety. Classic March for around here, though: about 8 inches of snow. I really felt sorry for those participating in the parade downtown. Today at least looks nicer outside, but there's a wicked cold wind blowing. Earlier in the month , I made this pair of Fetching mitts from Knitty, assuming that the weather wasn't going to be particularly springlike for awhile. At least they're green.

While reviewing Meg Swansen's Knitting for a potential pattern for Jane, I rediscovered the Mimbres Vest. This is a pattern that I just love the looks of, but hadn't decided on the yarn yet. Last year sometime, I spun this lovely blend from Nistock Farms. Robin's fiber is always nice; I regard her as a "can't go wrong" supplier. Now I just need to go stash diving to find a good white to go along, spin it and then start knitting.

Bubba has decided that it was a good day to pose nicely in the window. Gypsy has gone snow-plowing again. I finally saw what she does to get this snowy. It appears that she hears something under the snow that she wants, shoves her nose into the ground and just plows ahead. This also explains how she often comes in with a scraped up nose, too. Silly dog.


Deb said...

Gypsy, this is me, Bear. I think I have to come and find you, since you seem to like to play. I am cross with "She Who Feeds" right now-she wouldn't take me out to play- said it was raining too hard. Harrrrumph.

Lene Andersen said...

Holy crap! it looks like the snow's just WHIPPING past that tree!

(gorgeous animals!)