Tuesday, July 18, 2006


We discovered, a few days too late, that Moncton is a pretty good place to stay to check out New Brunswick. There's a fair amount to be seen in the city, it's easy to navigate around, plus it's not that long a drive to get to other attractions.

We stayed at a hotel that is right on Moncton's tidal bore. I continue to be fascinated with just watching the tide come in and go out. It's a pretty good way to spend time...pull up a chair, a beer and your knitting!

Magnetic Hill is a classic touristy-kind of thing, but fun anyway. We had a snack of beavertails. Beavertails are a Canadian improvement on fried dough. Instead of just offering cinnamon-sugar as a topping, everything from sugar to bacon/cheese is offered as toppings. I stopped reading the choices when I got to maple butter.

I'm really beginning to wonder why there are these over-sized animals all over the place. The sock encountered a moose and a puffin.

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