Monday, July 03, 2006

Proof of Cow Tipping

A few days ago, on John's blog, there was a bit of a discussion about whether or not cow tipping was for real or just a rural legend. John supplied a link that suggested that it was likely a legend. However, while on vacation on Prince Edward Island, I found proof that cow tipping exists and I managed (by quickly whipping out my camera) to take a picture!


desperate housewife said...

I was at the Cows place in Cavendish on Sunday! Of course, I just live an hour away from the Island in New Brunswick, so it's not exactly a big deal. But still fun. With yummy ice cream.

JB said...

I love Cows Ice Cream!
I actually have a Cows clothing catalog from my last visit back home (Halifax), but it's a little out of date. Have to get home again soon!