Monday, July 17, 2006

Another PEI Post: Woodleigh Replicas

Woodleigh Replicas is an attraction on Prince Edward Island. It's a pretty neat place with lovely gardens and replicas of various buildings from England and Scotland.

Years ago, as a teen, my family went to England on vacation, so it was especially interesting to see some of these buildings again (although on a much smaller scale).

The sock was thrilled with Woodleigh as most of the buildings were just his size. This is going to be a really picture-heavy post. There were just so many photo-ops for the sock.

First thing, the sock scaled the walls of Glamis Castle, followed shortly by getting put into the pillory.

Undaunted, the sock hung out at St. Paul's Cathedral, followed by being shown the Tower.

The sock finally settled down to more benign pursuits, like thatching a roof. He also caught up with the gnome (who was taking a break from Travelocity) and helped him do a bit of gardening.

Finally, the sock took a much needed break at the the Flying Dragon Inn. Thank goodness for that, it was getting tough keeping up with the sock!

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Diane E. said...

How fun to see your photos! We've been to PEI and Nova Scotia 3 times, taking a different route each time, always having a laid- back, fun vacation with stays in beautiful recreation era resorts, great food and interesting natural wonders, the same as many your photos!