Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stuff I Like About Canada

1. Canadians: Friendly, polite and just plain easy to be around.
2. Beavertails
3. Prince Edward Island: If you get the chance, go.
4. Cows: Not the 4-legged kind, better.
5. St. Lawrence Market in Toronto: I just love a great market.
6. Peameal on a Bun: The closest US equivalent would be to pan-fry Canadian Bacon in butter, pile onto a really good roll.
7. Cape Breton: Another gotta go place.
8. Lobster Rolls: Got to be the best, easiest and neatest way to get your lobster fix.
9. Really great yarn/fiber shops: Gaspereau Valley Fibres, Baadeck Yarns, Lettuce Knits, MacAusland's Woollen Mills
10. A small burrito place around the corner from Lettuce Knits: Not only do Knitters know their knitting, but they know where to get really good food, too.
11. Lots of Signs: When you're a tourist, it's very helpful to have lots of signs for route/road numbers and attractions (especially when your traveling companion is not that good a navigator).
12. Butter Tarts: I'm not going to get into a discussion on whose are the best, if they look good, they probably are!
13. Poutine: Unlikely enough, but it does taste pretty good on the right day (like cool and rainy). In my humble opinion, it's only as good as it's ingredients (the better they are, the better the poutine).
14. Tim Horton's: They're everywhere and life is just not worth living without iced capucchino. OK, so there are Tim Horton's in western New York, but not as many.

It sure sounds like I ate my way across a few provinces, doesn't it? Gimme a break, I was on vacation for 2 weeks and there are 3 meals a day!

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