Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Potatoes are a really big deal on Prince Edward Island. A really, really big deal. Hockey is also really big, but it's summer, so we won't talk about that. This is outside the PEI Potato Museum. Yes, there really is a museum devoted to potatoes.

This is what happens when potatoes go bad. They get put into little coffins and displayed for all to see. Not only was there one little potato coffin, but there were many.

The museum was surprisingly interesting, especially since whoever set it up has quite the sense of humor. The was also a "Potato Hall of Fame". This may have limited fame as at least a couple of the members' pictures were behind a refrigerator and a microwave.

The sock was more interested in actual potatoes. The sun was starting to dry out the dirt from the rain the night before, so it's not showing up as red as it is really.

Some enterprising soul has even come up with the idea of dying shirts with PEI dirt. Yep, I did buy one.

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Mouse said...

People dye shirts with red Georgia Clay too and sell them. Me? I have enough of husbands stained shirts from caving to last a lifetime.