Friday, July 21, 2006

The Weekend List

Here's my list for the weekend. As weekends go, I imagine it's going to be the same as usual: big list, lots of things to get done, most of them not done by the end of the weekend.

1. Not think about work: It's been a long week as not only was I just back from a lovely vacation, but got the news that 25% of our department is about to get laid off. Wonderful, at least they say they're going to let us know one way or the other by the end of August. This is a change from the usual way this company works...they often leave you hanging for 6-9 months before notifying anyone.

2. Picnic at a friend's place near Keuka Lake. It's a spinning/knitting bunch, so is bound to include much fun and really good food!

3. Laundry: Maybe.

4. Continuing the never-ending battle between me and the weeds: I would still like to know how the weeds grow twice as fast and twice as big as anything else.

5. Flaming the patio and sidewalk: This is actually kind of fun. My DH got me an oversized torch that you attach to a propane tank. I use it to burn off the weeds that appear in the cracks between the bricks. This is good to do even after you use RoundUp on them. RoundUp does kill the weeds; however, their now brown remains are still there, looking unkempt.

6. Cleaning bunny cages and bathrooms: Same job, different locations.

7. Try and remember to take a picture for Saturday Sky (and actually post it on Saturday).

8. Get up at a reasonable hour and go to the Public Market. It's that time of year when I really crave fresh veggies and salads, but am totally unwilling to pay the high prices in the grocery store. Maybe I can find some goodies for my Sock Kit Swap pal, also.

9. Vacuuming/sweeping: I love my dog, but she sure is good at dragging in the outside. Maybe I can convince DH to do this chore : ) !

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