Friday, July 07, 2006

Nova Scotia

It's been raining quite a bit in the Halifax area lately. Thankfully, today it was bright and sunny. This morning's adventures included Peggy's Cove and the Memorial to Flight 111. The sock really enjoyed getting out of the car and into the fresh air. We also spied a seagull. The scenery around Peggy's Cove is every bit as spectacular as advertised!

I could have spent all day just wandering around the area and stopping, often, to take pictures to remind me of it later.

The other high point of the day was Gaspereau Valley Fibres. Terra tipped me to stop here. I'm finding really good tips for vacation stops are coming from other bloggers. Knitters, spinners and weavers who get to call Gaspereau their LYS are very, very lucky people. Since I am my father's daughter, I did not, of course, get directions before we left. As we were going past the road that I later found out was the one we wanted, I did feel drawn to it. I wonder what my Mom would have thought if I had followed my instincts to turn down that road and followed it to the wool? Some Fleece Artist roving attached itself to me this time. Again, I think there will have to be an entire post on souvenir fiber and yarn.

There were many tempting places to stop and have lunch, but we settled on Fredie's Fantastic Fish House and it sure was! The sock encountered his first lobster roll (and possibly the best ever). We sat at a picnic table with another lady and her Mum from the area and enjoyed our lunches and good conversation. She tipped us to try out the bakery next door. Since I can't seem to pass by a bakery (not unlike not being able to pass by anything fibery), we're having blueberry scones for dessert tonight!

In the interest of performing a reasonable comparison of what makes a good lobster roll, my Mom wanted to try out another eatery. Yes, McDonald's is everywhere and in Nova Scotia has McLobster on the menu.

Fredie's is way, way, way better!

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Mouse said...

I'm seriously about to just turn over "Traveling Sock" to you for a couple days so that you can re-post your entire trip and sock travel pictures on there! Awesome!