Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Heat

OK, so maybe there's something to this global warming. It has been beastly hot here in western New York state. By that I mean highs in the upper 90's and so humid that you can work up a sweat drinking water. When I left the building at work today, I swore my eyes were going to melt. It was just heaven to get home, change and fall into the pool.

Our governer even waived the entrance fees to state parks today; many of them are either on natural water and/or have pools. We thought about taking Gypsy to Hamlin Beach State Park (on Lake Ontario), but decided that it was too much effort to drive there (about 40 minutes away). Much easier to fall back into the pool and spray Gypsy with the hose.

Besides, Gypsy would have to leave her new best buddy; meet Mr. Fan. She's been spending her days in either her "tiger trap" (large shallow hole in one of my gardens), in the basement, or in front of a conveniently placed fan.


mk said...

I got my sock kit today! Thank you - everything is fantastic. I love the colors, the fabric, the sachet, I have a batch of maple iced tea brewing and the sheep note holder is on my computer desk. I'm glad you had a lovely vacation and hope this heat wave passes soon!

Lene Andersen said...

Awwww, Gypsy's adorable...