Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday Sky

Today was just was of those absolutely lovely late summer days. The heat has broken and it's now delightful to spend the day outside. I generally don't mind the heat, but one does get tired of dripping all the time!

I spent the day at the Valentown Peddlers Heritage Festival. Our guild was invited to demonstrate spinning. We didn't have much of a turn-out, but the few of us that were there had a very pleasant day spinning and chatting.

This festival used to be mainly an antique sale, so hubby filled the car with small pieces that I could handle. I was only able to sell a few things, so we plan on going again tomorrow since the car is still loaded. By loaded, I mean full. It's a 3-D puzzle and tomorrow morning I'll have to figure out where to put my Hitchhiker as it is currently residing on the front passenger floor. Good thing it's little.

I made up some stitch markers to try and sell. Lots of people looked at them, but no buyers. I'm not too surprised at that, since you really do need to be around a bunch of knitters for these to find homes.

Sounds like I'm going to get to goof off and spin all weekend. Dust and laundry can's much better to spin in the sunshine with friends!

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