Monday, August 21, 2006


I admit, I love gadgets and toys. Get me into places like Ikea, Linens N Things, Bed Bath & Beyond and I'm a pretty happy camper for hours. I don't necessarily have to get anything, but I sure do enjoy poking around.

This year, we've done a bit of toy shopping. Some were replacements, like this grill: When I was growing up, grilling was reserved for the man of the house. Over time, I've discovered that I really like to do the grilling. This grill is just right for me. Not too big, lots of BTUs, 4 burners. My DH even got me a really cool magnetic light to use when it gets dark out. Sometimes I use the light as an excuse of why dinner is so late.

Earlier this year, we were at a friend's house and he is also one to collect gadgets. He had smoked ribs and chicken in one of these nifty smokers. Well, since DH and I are quite fond of BBQ, it wasn't long before we had one of our own. The flamingo is supervising today's menu: pork ribs.

Last, and definitely the most fun toy is this:

Yep, this is my new computer, a MacBook. My faithful indigo iMac blew the hard drive while I was on vacation. We decided that we would get it repaired, sell it and get this nifty little guy. DH and I are both just tickled with it. We can use it anywhere around the house as I had previously set up a wireless router for the kid (rather than running cable everywhere). It has a DVD player, so that if one of us wants to watch a movie and the other doesn't, we're good to go. I have yet to figure out all that it can do, but there's time for that!


Mouse said...

I don't eat enough meat to justify a smoker or a grill.. but I had some smoked pork bbq this weekend that would have sold me on that smoker in a heartbeat.
Congrats on your new computer.. I dream of the day when I can search blogs from the comfort of my bed!

Ellen said...

Love, love, love the Mac!

I'm sure you are going to be happy with it. Good gadget gathering on your part!