Friday, August 04, 2006

First Yarn off the Hitchhiker

It's been pretty busy around here, so it took me awhile to complete the first skein of yarn off the new Hitchhiker. I'm really loving this little wheel for it's portability (thus saving my hubby-made wheel from further bangs against doors and such)! It even fits under the cargo deck in my PT.

I got some Wensleydale roving from my friend Joan at Cloverleaf Farms. I chose it because it's absolutely effortless to spin and I wanted to be able to concentrate on how the new wheel feels and operates. It was a great choice (another friend calls it "poor man's mohair").

After I plied it, I was afraid that I had overplied it (a lot), but after setting in slightly warm water, it looks like this:

I'm thinking that I need to ply much tighter than I have been in the past.


Mouse said...

looks like a good amount of yarn~ I saw the hitchhiker wheels at MSW and thought they were really great for travel. Unfortunately I don't think that my husband would have any sense of humor about me hauling a wheel camping.. no matter how small it was!

Jane said...

I really like that yarn. The plying looks good and the color is really beautiful.