Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer's Done

Well, not really, we do still have some summer left to us. Has anyone else noticed that the sun is definitely setting earlier, the nights are cooler and the Canadian Geese are starting to group together? Summer is definitely my favorite season, but I do really enjoy the changing seasons also. Each season is distinct and has it's own beauty.

The summer that is done is the Summer in Kansas shawl. I blocked it last night. Blocking lace is just magical...your heap of not much to look at turns into lace before your eyes (with the help of a whole bunch of pins).

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Jane said...

Well, it's not cooler here at night yet, but the dogwood leaves are definitely starting to turn red. They are the first to bloom and the first to fade. I always enjoy seeing that first blush of red, because I know the heat won't be around too much longer.