Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wisteria Hysteria (and a a bit of Sunday Sky)

I thought I had a problem on my hands. About a month ago, DH and I took after the patio to clean it up. I trimmed the wisteria (as in filled a large wheelbarrow full of clippings).
We used both chemicals and fire to win a temporary battle against the weeds coming up between the bricks. In the heat of battle, we were both a bit exhuberant with the Round-Up and the flame so that most of the lower leaves of the wisteria turned brown and fell off. Oops, I thought, I sure hope we haven't done damage to the wisteria.

I needn't have worried. In approximately one month, it grew this much:

It's a little frightening. When it gets that overgrown, I feel that perhaps it's not a good idea to sit on the patio. I also begin to think things like, "Oh my God, it's heading for the house!" and "Does insurance cover that?" Well, after checking our insurance coverage (both health and home), I got out the clippers and the ladder and came up with this:

The patio is again safe to sit on.

Oh and the bit of sky you see around the wisteria is as good as it gets this weekend. It looked the same yesterday, except that it rained all day.

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