Thursday, August 24, 2006


Projects this year have included a couple of largish (for me) items like a sweater and a shawl (and both were handspun). Like many of you, I tend to toss a project to the curb when something more interesting comes along. Now that I've finished the shawl, I've decided that it's time to address these stray projects.

1. Cast on the second traveling sock
2. Mason-Dixon nightie
3. Finish up the first & cast on second Trekking sock
4. Finish up a pair of fingerless mitts
5. Figure out how to finish up a felted bag
6. Put a zipper in a small felted pouch
7. Put a lining of some kind into yet another felted bag
8. Set the twist in some recently plied yarn

I don't particularly want to contemplate the other stuff that has been pushed to the wayside lately (like dusting, vacuuming, tidying up the sewing room, weeding, trimming, vacuuming pool, defrosting freezer...). Bubba says that it's time for kitty lovins', so we must do that first.

I know there's more, but both lists are getting out of hand and bit overwhelming!

Late breaking project news...the fingerless mitts are done. This is definitely an almost instant gratification project that took me less than two evenings to complete (and part of that spent in a bar). Sometimes its good to have small hands!

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Mouse said...

Awww.. I love the kitty/ufo picture! Cool gloves.. I need some of those for the walk to and from the bus stop this year with the munchkin.