Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why I don't have a Saturday Sky picture

It's been a rough week around our little homestead. I (with many others) am continuing to wait to find out about job status, which will resolve itself one way or the other Tuesday. Other than I really hate waiting, I'm pretty calm about the whole thing, but it's driving DH nuts.

His week started out benignly enough, but just went downhill. Our daughter picked up all the parts needed to tune up her truck. Bright and early Wednesday morning, hubby dove in and in short order broke off two spark plugs. This is just plain bad luck, not to mention bad news. The good news is that our local mechanic could fit it in. He was able to remove the two plugs that DH broke and broke two more on his own. This made hubby feel ever so much better.

Thursday, while making his morning coffee, the coffee maker broke. They don't last too long around here between somewhat hard water and heavy use (we both love our morning, afternoon and evening coffee). Luckily, we have learned over the years that having a spare around is a good thing. He got the spare out and discovered (messily) that the coffee-snatcher lever was missing. Hubby is pretty clever, found the missing piece and got it back together.

Friday, there was another bird incident. We get many birds, I think they are starlings, that flock together in the spring and early fall. When they do this, they get extra stupid and fall down the chimney. It seems that our chimney is of such a design that doesn't lend itself to bird-proofing very well. Eventually, they work their way into the firebox of the woodstove. The usual plan is to let them flap around and get tired out. Then we reach in, grab it, and take it outside. This latest one had a bit more energy than most, so it got away, flew around the living room, crashed into a window, got chased by the dog, who knocked over a vase into a glass lamp, which broke into a jazillion pieces, the bird flew around some more, hit another window, fell down, and the dog finally caught it. But wait, there's more. Gypsy (the dog) took her prize outside, it possibly got away, she followed and discovered that her invisible fence collar was not on, so she went visiting down the street. DH realized this about the time he got a call from the neighbors who told him where she was, but take your time, the kids are having a ball playing with her.

I would have taken a Saturday Sky picture yesterday, but there really wasn't much to see other than a uniform light gray. Today, it's a slightly darker gray and wetter. Besides, it may not be a good idea to touch anything else this week.

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Mouse said...

I missed saturday sky this week too.. but for not so good of a reason as yours! Here's hoping that today is much calmer than yesterday.