Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Saturday Sky

Yee Haw! We're on a roll as here's another sky picture that made it up on-line on Saturday.

This was a really nice Saturday. I slept in (really late). Then hubby and I went off to the Park Avenue Fest. There were many nice things to look at, interesting people to look at and much yummy-looking/smelling food. However, all I came home with was some maple sugar candy (sorry Mouse) and a package of stroopwafels. Then we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant and had dinner.

We've tried out a new product, Off Power Pad Lamps. Since the mosquitos this year have not read the memo on not biting me, it was time to either douse oneself with repellant repellants or try something else. Son of a gun, the darn things seem to do the trick. I was able to stay outside and knit until I couldn't see anymore. Nice way to finish off a nice day!

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