Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Working Sock at Lunch

One of the projects that I've worked on in the past had a luncheon yesterday. It was held on an outside deck overlooking High Falls (Rochester, NY). Of course, I took the sock. The sock and I enjoyed the view very much; so did I; the weather was delightful; the food was good; the service was very, very slow.

That being said, I actually got a fair bit done on the sock while in good company. Here, he's letting you know where he was and how much we did at lunch.

I was trying out a different (to me) camera and got this nifty shot at the top of the falls. I think it's sumac. Around here, sumac is regarded as a weed-like substance. I really like it, it has nice leaves, dark red seed clusters in the fall and the branches grow into interesting groups.

I might talk more about the camera on a different post. I would like to "play" with it some more to make sure it wasn't just dumb luck!

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