Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vacation To Do's

My Mom and I are going on vacation, so I thought I'd share some of my To Do list with you.
1. Decide what knitting projects are going on vacation. Do you think that a shawl, Mason-Dixon nightie and 2 pair of socks are enough?
2. Confirm reservations
3. Decide what back-up projects are going on vacation (in case the above list isn't enough).
4. Call airlines, see what knitting needles are allowed on planes.
5. Go to store to get more knitting needles and t-pins.
6. Get toothpaste.
7. Decide what clothes to pack.
8. Find suitcase; discover there are space bags stored in suitcase.
9. Remember that space bags are really good when packing yarn to go and for souvenir yarn.
10. Decide, regretfully, that the Hitchhiker wheel, even though it does fit in the suitcase, will have to stay home.
11. Pack drop spindle (just in case some souvenir fiber appears).
12. Figure out just what is actually going to fit in suitcase.
13. Remember to leave enough room for souvenirs (space bags can only do so much).
14. Discard the clothes that there isn't enough room for. After all, there are laundry facilities in Canada.


Ellen said...

I like your sense of packing priorities.

Have a great time on your vacation!

Claudia said...

That sounds like my planning for the trip to Germany a while back. Just FYI for the knitting needles on the plane - I had everything in my backpack (metal dpns, magic loop, plastic, bamboo) and no hassles whatsoever. And all the space the gifts took up on the way over was used to fill up with yarn. Worked out great! Have a wonderful trip - sounds you have a good knitting assortment with you and I am sure you'll find yarn stores in Canada for more supplies!