Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Hitchhiker's Here!

Yippee! My new Hitchhiker wheel came on Friday. Dave at The Merlin Tree went above and beyond to hook me up with one as he was sold out. Being sold out is a good thing. Judy, at Liberty Fibers had one that she sent right out to me. By the way, she's having a big moving sale shortly, so there's a good opportunity for stash enhancement.

Back to my Hitchhiker, isn't it just so cute? It went on it's first road trip on Saturday to see my friend Joan at Cloverleaf Farms (who was also having a dandy sale; more on that later). I picked up some lovely dyed Wensleydale to get used to my wheel. That fiber is the most effortless stuff to spin with so I could just think about how the wheel ran. The Hitchhiker feels completely different than my Saxony wheel, so is taking me a bit to get used to. So far, I've found that I really need to be in a real chair (rather than the couch) for comfort and to treadle easier.

I'm just thrilled with this little guy. It fits anywhere in my PT Cruiser: front seat, back seat, cargo area. Is is odd that one of the criteria when I got the car was that my regular spinning wheel fit in it? At home, it sits anywhere without taking up any space to speak of.

When you go Dave's web site, he has a page of pictures of how people have decorated their Hitchhikers. I haven't quite decided what to do with mine, but do have some ideas that I'm kicking around (will keep y'all posted).


Mouse said...

How CUTE!! I got to see the Hitchhiker wheels when I was at MSW and boy were they cute! Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Jane said...

Congratulations! I saw a flock of those at MS&W and thought they were great. Have fun!