Thursday, June 29, 2006

Successful (?) Packing

Last night, I spent quite some time getting my bags packed for vacation. Actually, packing clothes and toiletries only took about 5 minutes or so (especially since I just threw stuff in there). Deciding how many, which projects, what yarn, needles and books were going with me took a bit longer. I didn't even have to use space bags to make more room. This is a good thing, as then I'll be able to use them for any souvenir yarn that might happen to leap into my hands. I repacked it tonight at our hotel in Toronto and have found that I have quite a lot of room left. I wonder what will fill that space?

Stephanie has written in the past that security sometimes appears a bit bewildered at the amount of knitting-related items in her luggage, so I figured if I keep it to less than Stephanie, I may be in good shape. If nothing else, TO security should be used to seeing such stashes. Here's what is going into the backpack; that should be enough for a 3-hour flight, right?

Mom likes to read. A lot. I'm quite surprised at how restrained she was in the quantity of books she brought with her. I will admit, though, that I have hefted her suitcase and it rivals mine (and mine contains the remote blogging system).

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Claudia said...

Your packing looks very knitting oriented! Great job!