Monday, June 19, 2006

Stash Enhancement

There's not much better than your friend having a sale at her shop. Joan is the proprietor of Cloverleaf Farms and does some of the most amazing dying. Pictures just do not always do it justice! One of her displays is an old baby crib just full of yarn. I'm sure it starts out organized, but by the time a few wool-crazed customers go through it, well..., let's just say it's like digging through a treasure chest!

My haul consisted of some Wensleydale roving (it's on my Hitchhiker), 1 large skein of 100% wool, and 4 skeins of 55% merino/45% mohair blend. I'm not showing a picture of the 100% wool, as it will be part of the Knit Sock Kit Swap.

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