Friday, June 23, 2006


Many other bloggers have shown pictures of where they spin or knit. This is one of my favorite places to settle in the summer. I put my feet up and just enjoy the nice weather. Even when it's quite hot, there's almost always a breeze. This summer, Bubba hangs out with me since the bird won't attack him when he's near a person.

I'm just so tickled this morning. Last night, I finally finished the small pattern section of "Summer in Kansas". The pattern said that I should have 257 stitches and I do! Tonight, I get to start the thistle lace pattern, so the little voice that was starting to say "Aren't you done with this yet?" and "Don't you want to knit on something else?" has temporarily shut up. That fickle knitter inside me just never seems to want to settle on something for long! Oh well, when I'm done, I'll plan on a bunch of smaller projects to make her happy.

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