Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Critter Update

In May, we noticed that we had a frog on our pool cover. Since then, we've opened the pool and I was a little concerned that the pool was not the most hospitable location for him. I was happy to hear him again last night. He has taken up residence in our "pond" on the patio. This is a much nicer place for him.

Gypsy is quite happy; she's gotten her "summer do" from her intrepid groomer, Cherry. Gypsy dances the entire time that Cherry is grooming her. I think it's a testiment to just how good she is at her job that Gypsy looks so good.

Trouble is not happy. Gypsy wants to play and she, obviously, does not.

Isn't Bubba just the cutest thing? Who would want to pick on him? Well, that d**m bird, is who. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but not only does it terrorize poor Bubba, but it's taken to dive-bombing Trouble also. The bird also has a few other really annoying habits. It kind of chirps (a cross between a chirp and a squwak) every. few. seconds. all. day. long.

Bird lovers: Don't read the next bit.

We have loaded super-soakers and we're actively discouraging this hooligan.


Ellen said...

I love it that you named one of your cats Trouble!

I often regretted not naming my dog "Struggles" instead of Shelley, especially in light of the adventures I had in training her...

Ellen in Conn said...

This birds is a mockingbird. Although I am a bird lover, there are limits. Mockingbirds can sing with the most beautiful, loud, piercing voice - All. Night. Long. - when they are feeling territorial. They perch on the highest chimney or tree in the neighborhood and just won't shut up. They are brazen and they will attack any invaders. But they sing so beautifully and I like the flashes of white when they fly. When I was a kid, they were a southern bird, but now they are here in New England, and where-ever you are in New York.

Best wishes,