Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Afternoon

I just love early summer days. So does Bubba. Bubba is a pretty good mouser, but he's really, really bad at stalking birds. He starts stalking them, but then starts meowing and scares them off. Update on the bird, it has now decided that Bubba is a threat and divebombs the poor little guy. 6/9/06 Update: That d*** bird is still terrorizing Bubba; it trapped him on the pool deck last night. DD had to go rescue him.

It may be kind of silly, but I'm excited about this picture. See the bee? I've tried a couple of times to get pictures of bumblebees in various flowers and they seem to be camera-shy. In this case, it was dumb luck; the sun was too bright to see the preview so I just pointed the camera and pushed the button.

I finished a washcloth. It's out of an unknown brand of cotton using a pattern from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The pattern is imitation lattice. I've been using it in my shower and I think I like these as much as the standard terry ones. Next one is probably going to be knitted on smaller needles (this one was on US7) to make it a bit denser. I'm also going to try different cotton yarns to see which I like best.

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