Monday, June 12, 2006


In the continuing saga of me against the weeds, I think I've won the battle over two areas in front of my house.

Yes, those weeds are indeed a bit over 5 feet tall. Why is it that weeds always grow better than most anything else?

And After:
Much better. There will be more chapters of these on-going battles as I work my way around the yard. The idea is to make outside maintenance much easier on myself. I figure if I get these areas settled, I will have much more time in the summer to enjoy other, more fun things.

Like this:
I started the Summer in Kansas shawl and am actually having some success. In the past, lace has been quite a battle involving much frogging and swearing that I'll never knit lace again. This time, I'm really quite content and enjoying it. Note to self: Must get an assistant to hold shawls in progress; they don't look like much just hanging there.

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Anonymous said...

If other bloggers are "imaginary friends" and I drop in to say I might be available from time to time to hold up pieces of whatever you're working on, does that make me an Imaginary Mom?
I used my Mom's Day presents in the shower the other day, and came out delightfully warshed, but not by the soap with the tooth marks in it.
There now - - -what will other bloggers think of that!? Or does this constitute some kind of blog discourtesy?