Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Sky

Ernesto came to visit today, so Saturday Sky is not much to look at. I am really glad that all we get from hurricanes is the occasional very rainy day. Today, we had the added bonus of the electric going off for about 3 hours or so. We took it as a hint that it was nap time.

I spent the day finishing up the dredging project in the sewing room. Now it looks more like this. How 'bout that? There was a table under all that stuff.

I found this bookend lurking in there. I have come across it before and it makes me laugh every time. Years ago, my daughter accidently broke it and carefully mended it with duct tape. Note that she even managed to tape it on the inside. I have never been able to even get the slightest bit annoyed about it; like I said, it makes me laugh every time.

I even got to the desk itself. Note the large pile of paperwork to the left. I'm pretty sure that I have run out of excuses to take care of that now that the desk is organized and the electric is back on. Wait a minute, no I haven't...I've done enough work today, it's time to get some knitting done.

1 comment:

mk said...

Duct tape: fixes everything except duct work.

Glad you liked the KG episode, so sorry to hear about the layoff - hope that situation gets resolved soon!