Friday, September 15, 2006

My, how time flies...

I now have an idea of what retirees mean when they say they don't know what day it is. One day does just run into the other when you're not going to work every day. I decided that it would be a really good plan to just take September off and enjoy not going to work. There is a possibility (however slight) that a job opportunity could come up with my old employer, so I want to stay unattached enough to consider it. Well, enough of that, on to more interesting topics...

Since I posted last month about some of my unfinished projects, I've been busy completing almost all of them. I have finished all of these: the travelling socks, the trekking socks, setting the spun yarn, put the zipper in a small bag, lined a larger one, sewn up a sheep pillow and have redeemed a felting issue.

The felting "issue" was the result of not making a swatch and felting it to see what the different felting rates were on the yarns I used for this bag. Live and learn. To solve the obviously way too small pockets, I knitted up some inserts, cut the pockets and sewed them in. It looks pretty silly, doesn't it? After running through the washer 3 times, the inserts had felted almost as much as they were going to, but were now a bit too big, of course. No picture of that and there is no excuse as the camera is on the table next to me. I cut a couple of darts and sewed the cut edges together. This is just out of the washer, so still needs a bit of shaping, brushing and a bit of steaming to encourage that pocket to lie down and say uncle.

Not only that, but I've done one of those incredibly cute felted hedgehogs, a pair of felted sllippers and knitted a moebius scarf. No pictures of these right now as they were sent off to Fingerlakes Fiber Festival's Fleece, Skein & Garment Competition. This year, I helped out with the judging. This was lots of fun and I know how everyone did (and I'm not telling).

Speaking of the Fiber Fest, and this is a shameless plug: If you're anywhere in the area of Hemlock, NY (south of Rochester, NY), you really want to take some time this weekend, September 16 & 17th to come join us. We have a really nice festival with both local vendors and out-of-state vendors with a great variety of fibers, yarns, critters and more.

I'll be there all weekend, including Saturday night. We have some space right on the grounds that we dedicate to camping for vendors and guild members. I've done this before and it's just fabulous to spend the entire weekend with a bunch of likable and like-minded fiber nuts.

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